Listen: Cass McComb “Brighter!”

The beloved and multi-talented Karen Black lives on in her collaboration with Cass McComb

Cass McComb’s latest album, Big Wheel and Others, was released October 14th internationally via independent label Domino, following his 2011 album Humor Risk.

Listen to “Brighter!” featuring Karen Black off Big Wheel and Others below:

Karen Black has passed away this past summer, but her iconic reputation lives on in movies and music. Specifically in Cass McCombs recent track, Brighter!, her vocals add an infinite sadness to the song meanwhile the instruments paint a perfect picture for an independent film. McCombs and Black have collaborated in the past on Cass McCombs’ breakthrough album, Catacombs, in 2009… They picked up their collaboration for this track and we’re sure glad they did.

McCombs is currently on the road promoting the release of his album and you can catch him live on December 4th at The Great Hall on Queen Street.