Listen: Charlotte Day Wilson shares new singles ‘Take Care Of You (feat. Syd)’ and ‘Summertime’

Some catchy new singles from the Toronto artist

Toronto’s Charlotte Day Wilson has made her return with two new singles, “Take Care (feat. Syd)” and “Summertime.”

Wilson explains of the tracks:

“‘Take Care Of You’ was one of those songs that came really naturally and quickly, the lyrics were impromptu & the music was simple. I just wanted to write the sort of lesbian love song that I would want to listen to. Syd was the best possible addition, we both felt it was a song that needed to be heard. I wrote ‘Summertime’ at my cottage alone in the woods, I was just reflecting on some unrequited emotions that always seem to come back in the summer.”

Listen to “Take Care Of You (feat. Syd)” and “Summertime” below.