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Listen: Chastity shares new flexi single, zine on PUP’s label Little Dipper

Chastity has shared a new zine and flexi on PUP’s Little Dipper label.

The new flexi features a live recording of their 2018 Death Lust track “Heaven Hell Anywhere Else,” which was recorded with a 10-piece band at the Whitby Courthouse Theatre. The zine-flex combo, which is called “Heaven,” is limited to 250 copies, and you can order a copy of it here. $2 from each sale is going toward the Unist’ot’en Legal Fund.

“Chastity is one of my favourite bands, and definitely one of Canada’s most underrated talents,” PUP frontman and Little Dipper founder Stefan Babcock explains. “The zine was curated by my friend Julia Noel and is a beautiful photo record of Chastity on DIY tours through the hells cape of right-wing middle America before things got even worse. This project has had a big effect on me personally. These photos, shot long before COVID, have captured a near prescient atmosphere of foreboding, anxiety, and social unrest, months before it was adopted by the mainstream media.”

Listen to the live version of “Heaven Hell Anywhere Else” below.

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