Listen: Christien Summers “Take Me With You”

Christien Summers is Carol Lui and Gareth Jones, disco pop duo from Toronto/Vancouver

MattHart_175x175Matt Hart is mostly known for his musical work under the name The Russian Futurists. Matt is currently a co-host on “Indie Mornings with Brian, Matt and Candice” on Indie88.

The innocently named Christien Summers have been cranking out saccharine disco pop for the better part of three years but today sees the release of their first digital single “Take Me With You”. At their core Christien Summers is Carol Lui and Gareth Jones. They have fleshed out the band as a live act featuring up to five members and have played a small smattering of shows over the past year. Their blend of futuristic pop and hazy, 70’s inspired disco samples makes for perfect summer or late fall listening. It is the sound of both doe-eyed make out sessions and smutty anonymous hook-ups. “Take Me With You” is an earworm of a track and I’m sure it will be on plenty of mixed tapes and playlists this fall/winter. There is talk of a full length release but no official date has been set, until then enjoy the tease that is “Take Me With You”.

Listen to “Take Me With You”: