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Listen: Close Talker unveil expansive new single ‘Arm’s Length’

Saskatoon trio Close Talker have shared “Arm’s Length” from their forthcoming album How Do We Stay Here?, which drops on August 30th.

The smooth tune opens with low-key synth lines beneath a resounding electric guitar and silky vocals before bursting into a slow groove that’s sure to get you swaying. With a catchy beat and memorable riff, the dynamic tune completely transforms into a hopeful, energetic anthem about halfway through.

“I think most people have had significant relationships in their lives that haven’t panned out and we’re certainly not exempt to getting the wind knocked out of us,” the band explains in a statement. “‘Arm’s Length’ is about overcoming the tendency you can develop to keep your guard up around new people because it’s safer. Over time, you eventually rediscover your ability to let a special someone disarm you once again.”

Listen to “Arm’s Length” below.

Catch Close Talker at the Roland Inspiration Centre on August 15th.

Lead photo courtesy of Nicole Marie.

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