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Listen: Cold War Kids drop two new tracks ‘Complainer’ and ‘Fourth of July’

Cold War Kids have just dropped two new tracks, “Complainer” and “Fourth of July,” which mark their first new music since their last album in 2017.

“Complainer” is about a person who talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk, or someone who does not put their words into action. “Fourth of July,” on the other hand, is more sentimental in tone, and revolves around remembering the good times before things became difficult, the easy summer nights that were carefree.

Listen to Cold Ward Kids’ “Complainer” and “Fourth of July” below.

Cold War Kids has announced that their new album, New age Norms, will be released in the fall.

Cold War Kids will also be going on a tour in the U.S. in October to November. Fan presales will begin Wednesday. For complete details and tickets visit their official website here.

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