Listen: Conor Oberst shares new song ‘Lax’ with Phoebe Bridgers

The track was produced for Amazon Music's 'Produced By' series

Conor Oberst has just released his latest track “Lax” featuring additional vocals from Phoebe Bridgers and produced by Simone Felice.

The track is stripped back, with Oberst’s shaky vocals layered on top of a soft piano melody, and Bridgers’ dreamy harmonies accompanying him. Bridgers and Oberst have collaborated in the past when they worked together in Bridgers’ Stranger in the Alps album.

Listen to “Lax” below.

The track was released as part of Amazon Music’s “Produced By” series, where Felice works with different artists, including Bridgers, Wesley Schultze, and the Lumineers, to release new songs throughout the week.