Listen: Dan Deacon Remixes Death Cab For Cutie’s “Black Sun”

Weird-pop savant re-invents Death Cab For Cutie

Dan Deacon is one of the most diverse electronic artists from the last decade dabbling in hardcore electronic, contemporary classical, Psychedelia, and even film scores. This time we find Deacon tackling one of 2015’s most talked about indie rock releases in Death Cab for Cutie’s lead single “Black Sun” off their new record Kintsugi. We’ve heard Ben Gibbard with electronic backing before with his now defunct band Postal Service, but this is something completely different.

Deacon takes the song to a completely new place with his trademark weird production, this time comprised of swirling, distorted synths and driving drum and bass lines. When the chorus begins Deacon shifts his production perfectly, capturing the emotional rawness of the original song. This is a fantastically fresh take on “Black Sun”. Listen below.