Listen: Daughter and Warpaint Remix Project – “Winter”

British folk and L.A. indie rock come together to make haunted magic

What do you get when you mix British folk and L.A. indie rock? A hauntingly beautiful remix EP starring Daughter and Warpaint. “Winter”, the first single on the project, was released on Spotify yesterday thanks to the L.A. ladies in Warpaint. The track adds a ghostly beat to the hazy Daughter vocals, creating a slow-motion dance feel.

The original “Winter” comes from Daughter’s 2013 debut album If You Leave. Daughter’s reimagining of Warpaint is set to be revealed next week, and the limited edition album will feature both remixes and the original recordings. British independent record label 4AD is behind the collaboration.

The 12-inch EP will be released next April to celebrate 2015 Record Store Day. Have a listen to Warpaint’s rework of Daughter’s “Winter” below:

(Images courtesy of Warpaint’s and Daughter’s Facebook)