Listen: Deap Vally and Flaming Lips collaborative project Deap Lips release new single ‘Home Thru Hell’

Their debut album 'Deap Lips' drops March 13

The Flaming Lips and Deap Vally’s collaborative project Deap Lips have released “Home Thru Hell,” the second single off their upcoming self-titled album, which is out on March 13th.

The track successfully blends powerful electric guitar and dark lyrics, accompanied by robotic vocals throughout the chorus. With lyrics like “I could hear the screaming vultures/screaming out my name/Not knowing I was lost along this long, bad highway,” the song details an eerie and disorienting journey of self-exploration.

This follows their single “Home Thru Hell,” which was released along with the announcement of their debut album.

Listen to “Home Thru Hell” below.