Listen: Death Cab for Cutie Covers Frightened Rabbit to Honour Scott Hutchison

Ben Gibbard talks friendship, music, and mental health.

Spotify Studios just released a new podcast called UnderCover, which reveals why artists pick specific songs they cover during the recurring Spotify Singles series. The first episode features Death Cab for Cutie covering Frightened Rabbit’s “My Backwards Walk,” which they recorded only one month after lead singer, Scott Hutchison, was found dead at age 36.

Death Cab invited Frightened Rabbit on several tours, so not only was Death Cab’s frontman Ben Gibbard a huge fan of Hutchison, but the duo had become close friends. Ultimately, Gibbard hopes that Death Cab’s cover of the melancholic rock tune will encourage their listeners to seek out the Frightened Rabbit’s music and appreciate Hutchison’s songwriting after his untimely death earlier this year.

Check out the cover and a live recording of their recent track, Gold Rush below.

Their cover is extremely close to the original, which was intentional according to Gibbard. The live recording opens with just a piano and an acoustic guitar. With no chorus, the instrumentation builds as the tune progresses, slowly adding in an electric guitar, slight percussion, and a sub bass.

In the podcast, Gibbard delves into larger issues revolving around mental health. “Whenever someone takes their own life as Scott did, you hope that falling into such despair will pull some people back from the edge,” he explains. Gibbard believes that services should be more widely available to people struggling with mental health, and hopes that will change in the future.