Listen: Dex Wolfe shares new single ‘Highly Likely’

His new EP 'Lightness' is set for release on October 23

While readying his new EP Lightness, which is set for release on October 23rd, Dex Wolfe has shared a new single called “Highly Likely.”

“I wrote ‘Highly Likely’ during a year of recovery and healing,” Wolfe explains. “I was learning to be better to myself and how to articulate and understand my own traumas. As I did this work, I needed to take space from many friends and from much of my community. I felt the spectrum of gray areas between alleviation, escapism, and destruction. Altering our state of mind is an ambiguous journey. There is so much complexity that we don’t talk about when it comes to drug use. I intimately so the opiod epidemic hit Minneapolis, and I saw how gray the space is between recreational and destructive, how it can be both and also slide back and forth.”

Listen to “Highly Likely” below.