Listen: Dublin indie folk outfit Blue Fish Diamond release new single ‘Free’

A stunning new pandemic-inspired track

Dublin indie folk band Blue Fish Diamond have shared their stunning new track, “Free.”

The rollicking new track comes packed with shimmering guitars and silky vocals, as Blue Fish Diamond long for a return to normalcy post-COVID. Lyrically, the song is extremely relatable, with lines like, “Counting down the days my friend/ While the world keeps spinning on its edge/ Bring us sweet life once again.”

“This last year has been a very challenging time,” Blue Fish Diamond’s Jim Murphy explains of the track. “Thankfully there is hope on the horizon with the roll-out of vaccines, but we are still some months away form enjoying the freedoms of what was once everyday life. Our song ‘Free’ looks forward to that time, when we can embrace ‘sweet life once again’.”

Listen to “Free” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Ruth Medjber.