Listen: Ellevator release cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’

They add a modern twist to the gritty tune

Hamilton’s Ellevator have released a cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.”

The band’s cover of the 1985 hit adds a modern twist to the gritty tune, with synths and layered, resonating guitar lines. Frontwoman Nabi Sue Bersche’s throaty vocals stay true to the original tune as she sings lines like, “And if I only could/ I’d make a deal with God/ And I’d get him to swap our places.”

“Kate Bush is a genius,” Ellevator explains in a statement. “That term gets used cheaply on lesser minds, but Kate’s the genuine article. She topped her first chart at 19, and in an era of young women’s voices being tightly managed by company men Kate remained an iconoclast. She was unafraid to tackle topics like murder, religion, incest and homosexuality in her work (not exactly the MO for pop stars of the day). ‘Running Up That Hill’ is as visceral and captivating now as the day it was released: the mark of a true auteur.”

Listen to Ellevator’s cover of “Running Up That Hill” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Vanessa Heins.