Listen: Elrichman shares new track ‘Cop On A Horse,’ announces forthcoming album ‘Heaven’s Mayor’

'Heaven's Mayor' is set for release on April 24

Toronto-based artist Elrichman has announced a new album called Heaven’s Mayor, which is set for release on April 24th, 2020, and as part of the announcement, he’s shared a new track called “Cop On A Horse.”

The new tune revolves around a quirky fictional tale from Elrichman, which tells a tale from the perspective of a cop, a horse, and then a phone, and how the three of them work together. The track is “country music for the modern environment,” according to Elrichman.

“In a way, it’s a song about nothing,” Elrichman explains. “In Toronto you’ll see man, horse, and phone working together to patrol the city’s streets. The cops will take horses out for walks, strolling down the bike lanes. I suppose they keep them around for crowd control purposes, and they project a gentler image because people like horsies. I do too.”

Listen to “Cop On A Horse” below.