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Listen: Father John Misty’s Hostile Interview with BBC Radio 6

Josh Tillman, aka Father John Misty was interviewed Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie on BBC Radio 6 last week and it did not go over well.

During the interview, the hosts interpret Father John Misty as Tillman’s alter-ego, calling him a “lothario”, — a sort of ladies man. Radcliffe and Maconie then imply that his Christian upbringing is responsible for the name Father John Misty in their questioning, which is met with hostility by Tillman.

Listen to the entire exchange below:

Read a snippet from the interview via NME below.

Maconie: [Father John Misty] in terms of the album seems to be a bit of a loverman, a bit of a lothario you know?

FJM: Okay, yeah, referring to him as a thing is weird for me, because it’s really just me up there looking through my eyeballs. I have no interest in playing some kind of character … Why would I callous my smooth, bourgeois hands for the sake of some character?

Maconie: Father John Misty sings a song about Josh Tillman, which is you, so in that song “The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apartment” –

FJM: I think we’re getting a little too hung up on something that’s just meant to be — there’s a social contract with the listener I think. To explain it kind of ruins the — it’s more my sensibility to call myself something ridiculous, and I get jollies from seeing this ridiculous name on a marquee. That’s a better indicator of who I am than putting my own name…

Maconie: I wondered if the Father John thing was in any way related to your Christian upbringing. You’ve been fairly vociferous about some of the ridiculousness you’ve seen in this fundamentalist Christian background. You know, whether it was some kind of ridicule of the preacher kind of role.

FJM: No. I actually have way more empathy for matters of faith. Certainly there are kind of ridiculous, vulgar, silly things in that world as there are in the world of radio. i don’t think that should serve as an indictment of faith. People ask me this question a lot, but they keep going and make the question boring, when it could be something I could talk about at great length, and actually reveal a lot more about who I am than just asking me where the name comes from –

Maconie: You’re saying it’s a reductive kind of question.

FJM: Can I just finish my thought please?

Maconie: By all means. Really.

FJM: I’m making you quite flustered.

Maconie: No, you’re not making me flustered in the slightest. You’re sort of exasperating me, and that’s two different things.

FJM: There’s nothing more flustering you can say to someone than “I’m making you flustered.”

Maconie: Oh my gosh. Well, I bow to your superior knowledge

FJM: Oh God, c’mon man.

After the fact, Tillman tweeted this note:

You know what they say, all press is good press.

Image courtesy Side Stage Media via Flickr

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