Listen: FKA twigs talks the making of ‘mirrored heart’ on ‘Song Exploder’

She talks going through a period of 'intense heartbreak'

FKA twigs was the most recent guest on the podcast Song Exploder, where she talked about her MAGDALENE track, “mirrored heart.”

The episode sees the ethereal artist talking with Hrishikesh Hirway about the track’s emotional theme while she was going through “intense heartbreak,” and how she truly didn’t want to make a sad album.

“I’d heard this saying, that your greatest love will be somebody who will truly like reflect who you aspire to be and like can mirror,” FKA twigs explains in the clip. “It doesn’t mean that you have to do the same things or like the same things, it’s more to do with like morals or a kind of deeper understanding of like life or those sort of human values, then that’s kind of like the reflection of who you are. So if you’re with someone who’s a really beautiful person and it makes you aspire to be better, than that’s somebody who is your love reflection.”

Listen to the podcast in full below.