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Listen: Fucked Up’s New Song “Paper the House”

Fucked Up will be releasing their new record Glass Boys on June 3rd. The album will focus on the themes of wrestling with your career, age and status.

Lead singer Damian Abraham said, “It’s about being in a ‘subversive’ young-people band and waking up twelve years later and being like, ‘We’re not young people any more. Where do we fit now?’” Those themes come through loud and clear in the the first single called “Paper the House”. You can watch them crush new songs at this year’s Field Trip!

Listen to the song and check out the track list below.


Glass Boys tracklist:

1 “Echo Boomer”
2 “Touch Stone”
3 “Sun Glass”
4 “The Art Of Patrons”
5 “Warm Change”
6 “Paper The House”
7 “DET”
8 “Led By Hand”
9 “The Great Divide”
10 “Glass Boys”

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