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Listen: Grimes’ New Song “Christmas Song II (Grinch)”

Grimes released a brand new holiday track post-Christmas called “Christmas Song II (Grinch)”, which features Grimes’ stepbrother Jay Worthy and her partner James Brooks.

” i like to periodically release songs since my album is taking so long,” she stated on her Tumblr. “i make a lot of songs that i wouldn’t put on an album but i nonetheless enjoy so thats what this is. ”

The hilarious song features Grimes announcing, “I’m the Grinch, motherf&%$#r!” The young artist stated this song was “not a serious piece of art in any capacity and not an official Grimes release.”

Grimes is coming out with a brand new album in the new year. In the meantime, check “Christmas Song II (Grinch)” out:

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