Listen: Halifax’s Gianna Lauren shares new track ‘Spark,’ announces new EP ‘Vanity Metrics’

'Vanity Metrics' is set for release on November 13

Halifax songwriter and guitarist Gianna Lauren has announced a forthcoming EP called Vanity Metrics, which is set for release on November 13th. As part of the announcement, she’s shared a new track called “Spark.”

“The lead single from Vanity Metrics was conceived in a late night studio writing session during the recording of the EP, centering around Lauren’s lyrics on social justice and struggling with feelings of helplessness about making real change,” a press release explains of the track. “The band performance gradually intensifies throughout the song, amplifying the subject matter, but the choruses introduce an offer of hope and reconciliation with the sentiment ‘before I die, I will tell you, I love you.'”

Listen to “Spark” below.