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Listen: Haviah Mighty encourages summer self-confidence on new track ‘Avocado’

Haviah Mighty has collaborated with DJ/Producer Grandtheft on her new single, “Avocado.” The track comes from Mighty’s forthcoming mixtape, Stock Exchange, out this fall.

The new track encourages the listener to channel self-confidence while stepping into the summer. With energetic beats, Mighty uses the avocado to symbolize “faking it till you make it.” Mighty delivers catchy lines about being perceived as strong on the outside, but soft within. The new tune also comes accompanied by a visualizer from blackpowerbarbie.

“Finding that true inner confidence has come with a lot of introspection over the past year,” Haviah Mighty explains. “Unlike before when I appeared confident on the outside but had many insecurities, I feel my confidence is now much more rooted to my internal core. While we’re always a work in progress as humans, I feel much more stable now that I’m more comfortable with myself and what I have to offer. This is a reminder that if you’re not confident in your own strides, you’ll end up following somebody who is!”

Watch the visualizer for “Avocado” below.

“2oolman (from Halluci Nation / A Tribe Called Red) put me onto Haviah’s music and I was instantly a fan,” Grandtheft adds. “There is this side to her as an artist that reminds me of Lauryn Hill – she can rap the most lyrical verses and still sing a perfect hook. I wanted to feature this when we worked together. Haviah came to my Toronto studio to do our first session and ‘Avocado’ is what we wrote! She is so versatile and has such a unique energy, it was cool to be able to create this song together on the spot.”

Stock Exchange Mixtape

“Avocado” follows the release of Mighty’s recent Yizzy collaboration, “Protest.” Both tunes are set to feature on Stock Exchange. The album will also boast collaborations with Jalen Santoy, Old Man Saxon, and TOBi. Stock Exchange refers to how artists are forced to validate their worth based on data like followers and subscribers.

“These statistics that we use to compare ourselves to others and to define our successes, have become proof of our worth,” Mighty adds. “It’s all perception. These ideas around perceived value got me thinking about the Stock Exchange.”

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