Listen: Hollerado Share ‘Born Yesterday’

Nick and Menno speak to Matt and Carlin about the new record

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The boys are back!

Hollerado are preparing to release their fourth LP in the coming months, and today they’ve shared the first snippet, an enthralling single “Born Yesterday”. You can expect the same big, guitar-led catchy chorus only with a bit more grit.

Nick Boyd and Menno Versteeg gave some insight on the new record to Carlin and Matt on the Morning show today, sharing that there’s a bit of “spit and vinegar” in the mix this time around, according to Menno. “I feel like we’re entering our teenage-hood as a band, and we’re just beginning to speak clearly,” he continued. Listen to the full chat in the Listen Now player above.

Hollerado most recently put out 111 Songs in 2015, a record with 111 tracks each written for fans who previously donated to them.