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Listen: Holy Fuck release new track ‘Deleters (feat. Liars’ Angus Andrew)’

While gearing up for tomorrow’s release of Deleter, Holy Fuck have shared a new track from the record called “Deleters (feat. Liars’ Angus Andrew).”

“The song ‘Deleters’ started at a party in the woods of rural Quebec,” Holy Fuck explain in a press release. “Set up on the forest floor, literally over moss covered tree roots we decided to make up a new hour-long improvised set in front of a crowd of people dancing amongst the trees. From that session two songs emerged and found their way onto the new record. This is the first time we selected a song from the record to also be a title track – but there really isn’t a reason for it other than we thought it sounded cool.”

The gritty electronic track revolves around futuristic synths and a driven drum beat, and Liars’ Angus Andrew’s processed, wailing vocal lines bring an extra punch to “Deleters.”

Listen to “Deleters (feat. Liars’ Angus Andrew)” below.

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