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Listen: Hozier joins Maren Morris for new version of ‘The Bones’

Maren Morris collabs with Hozier for a new version of her track ‘The Bones’. The track is from her recent album GIRL. Hozier gives an emotional performance on the second verse, making the song into a duet as the pair comes together on the chorus.

“When I first heard ‘Like Real People Do’ I think I could actually hear my heartbreaking and then immediately felt songwriter envy that I didn’t write it first,” Morris explains in a statement. “Hozier’s soul and vulnerability is so arresting and fit so well with the foundational theme of my song ‘The Bones,’ I feel so grateful to have him on it.”

“Something of love’s enduring nature really comes through on ‘The Bones,’ it’s a gorgeous song,” Hozier details. “I was delighted to be asked to sing with the Maren Morris on this track⁠ — she is such a wonderful artist.”

Listen to Maren Morris ‘The Bones’ featuring Hozier, below.

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