Listen: IDLES drop raucous new song ‘I Dream Guillotine,’ unveil touching video for ‘Mercedes Marxist’

A pounding track and inspired video from the Bristol punks

IDLES have just dropped a raucous new track called “I Dream Guillotine” as part of a package with standalone single “Mercedes Marxist.” In addition to the new tune, the Bristol punks have unveiled a touching new video for “Mercedes Marxist.”

The B-side track “I Dream Guillotine” is quintessential IDLES with a heavy, resounding guitar line, a pounding drumbeat, and frontman Joe Talbot’s gritty, raspy wails. The track revolves around Talbot’s quirky lyricism as he sings lines like, “There’s no such thing as a broken home/ Tell that to the frontline/ The breadline/ The welfare line/ The lottery line.”

The Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace-directed video for A-side “Mercedes Marxist” stars Kris Hitchen, who starred in Ken Loach’s Sorry We Missed You. The clip opens with Hitchen as he bangs his head on his desk at work repeatedly, eventually moving to his car, the grocery store, and to his home as he continues to be stuck in the motion. Eventually, Hitchen makes his way to a bar where you get a glimpse at what’s going on inside his mind, while he attempts to escape the mundanity of his everyday life.

Listen to “I Dream Guillotine” and watch the video for “Mercedes Marxist” below.