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Listen: Indie duo BoyCoupon share emotional new track ‘OHWELL’

Indie duo BoyCoupon have shared their emotional new track, “OHWELL.”

The nuanced electropop single serves follows their recent tune “Play me like a Game, Boy.” “OHWELL” strays from the sounds of their previous release. On this new tune, they channel moodier, more cathartic subject matter. With a syncopated bass line, the new single will immerse you in its catchy beat.

“This track is the one we probably had the most fun recording,” BoyCoupon explain. “The chorus started out as a joke but turned into one of the more serious and emotional tracks on the album. We are super happy with how it turned out and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Listen to “OHWELL” below.

On “OHWELL,” the duo (made up of William Morse and Herbie Brewton) create a lush sci-fi synthopop dreamscape. Morse and Brewton refused to stick to the rules on this track. Together, they pave their own path with their unique form of production. The band also sampled a rap sequence from Netflix’s anime series Devilman Crybaby.

“It snaps the attention of the listener right into the palms of our hands before descending into the song’s mountain-tall synth chords,” the pair add. “With this ebb and flow progression is a deeper telling of a love story, painting a desolate image of love’s absence met with a resolved ‘oh well.'”

Brewton and Morse were longtime friends before they decided to join forces as BoyCoupon. Now, they create genre-bending tunes, ranging from bedroom-pop to cinematic ambiance.

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