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Listen: Indie rockers Phoneboy share ‘Nevermind,’ announce forthcoming self-titled album

Indie rockers Phoneboy have announced their self-titled album, which is set for release on April 23rd. As part of the announcement, they’ve shared a new single called “Nevermind.”

The energetic new tune weaves in and out of groovy riffs and explosive, anthemic instrumentals. With captivating vocals, you’ll have this must-listen tune playing on repeat.

“We recorded this song at the end of 2020,” Phoneboy explain. “In the middle of recording, we found out someone we had seen was exposed to covid a few days earlier. Our producer/manager Ayad had us go get rapid tests…we stood in line for like 2 hours. After we got our tests that were luckily negative we stumbled upon what is now our favorite pizza place in Brooklyn. If Ricky didn’t have a Nirvana poster hanging in his basement, this song would have a different name. I wrote the main guitar riff in Berkeley when Wyn was at work over the summer, and I immediately knew it was going to fit in somewhere nice. The drunk text hook was a separate idea I had when I was waiting in the car for a covid test in September, then we decided to mush them together and make something new. The result? A banger.”

Listen to “Nevermind” below.

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