Listen: Jade Bird shares gritty, catchy new track ‘Open Up The Heavens’

Bird's sophomore album is set for release later this year

Jade Bird has made her return with her first track of 2021, “Open Up The Heavens.”

The catchy new tune sees Bird at her grittiest, weaving her raspy vocals through dark, driven instrumentals, as she delivers lines like, “Do you really know/ What it feels like/ Ending up alone/ In the middle of the night.” “Open Up The Heavens” is another preview from Bird’s forthcoming sophomore album, following recent singles “Houdini” and “Headstart.”

“‘Open Up The Heavens’ was written and recorded two days before I had to fly home from recording in Nashville,” Bird explains. “I’d heard stories about the last song you write for a record being the best, so I was searching for that in the vocal booth of RCA that evening. Halfway into the riff Dave (Cobb) pops his head in and says ‘You should really do something with that.’ So I did. I sent the song to him two hours later and before I knew it, everyone was brought back in and we were tracking my favourite song on the record.”

Listen to “Open Up The Heavens” below.

Bird’s sophomore album is set for release later this year.