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Listen: Jane Inc. shares new cinematic-pop track ‘Obliterated’

While gearing up for the release of her debut album Number One on March 19th via Telephone Explosion Records, U.S. Girls, Ice Cream, and Darlene Shrugg member Carlyn Bezic has shared her new track as Jane Inc., “Obliterated.”

The new cinematic-pop tune serves as the closing track to the forthcoming album, and it revolves around dreamy synths and an almost shoegazey instrumental line. The track speaks to the album as a whole, as Bezic sings of the way our digital presence may change how others perceive us.

“‘Obliterated’ imagines the moment that the IRL self is overtaken by the online self,” Bezic explains of the track, “leaving a serene melancholy and calm resignation.”

Listen to “Obliterated” below.

“I think a lot of the songs on the album deal with how we form ourselves and how that gets fragmented and complicated by the societal structures we interact with,” Bezic continues. “It felt right to make a collage of pictures of me (and ads from magazines) for the cover of the album. It’s like a weird fragmented self, building up an idea of who you are based on other people’s ideas of you.”

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