Listen: Jim McHugh sings of past relationships and unrequited love on new track ‘Hey Jimbo’

'Pretending to Wake Up' is set for release on May 28

Ireland folk rocker Jim McHugh has shared “Hey Jimbo,” the second single from his forthcoming album, Pretending to Wake Up, which is set for release on May 28th.

The gritty rock-driven tune revolves around some catchy guitar riffs, as McHugh croons overtop.

“‘Hey Jimbo’ centres around the history of past relationships, not all directly my own but we all know these stories of unrequited love,” McHugh explains. “The title takes its name from my nickname ‘Jimbo’ and it’s, as you will head from the song, often hollered out as ‘Hey Jimboooooo.’ Similar to my previous single ‘Dave’ the song evolved around the opening guitar riff and the band powerfully supports the flow of energy throughout it.”

Listen to “Hey Jimbo” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Brendan McElroy.