Listen: Joel Plaskett Talks ‘The Park Avenue Sobriety Test’ in the Collective Arts Black Box

The man behind the music for 20 years

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Joel Plaskett has been writing and releasing music for over 20 years with a variety of bands and has become one of the most prolific artists of his generation. He’s released almost 15 full length albums alone since his first as a part of Thrush Hermit in 1997.

He stopped by the Collective Arts Black Box and spoke about where the name The Park Avenue Sobriety Test came from, the wide range of special guests that lent their skills to this album, and also the challenges and lessons learnt from writing music for over 20 years.

Enjoy a sneak peak of the audio from the Collective Arts Black Box Session of his new single “Credits Roll” right at the end. Listen above and stay tuned for the full video on April 8th.