Listen: Julian Casablancas’ The Voidz drop new dance jam ‘Eternal Tao’

The Voidz 'Eternal Tao' is an upbeat techno riff dance track

Julian Casablancas is quite the busy man. While he’s been out touring with The Strokes, the frontman has just dropped a new dance jam with The Voidz called “Eternal Tao.”

Casablancas does a great job at making The Voidz sound unique and different from The Strokes, and this distinctive sound shines on the new loopy, upbeat dance track. With 90’s influences and a great mini-guitar solo, the song starts off with a montage of ’80s video dating personals. Throughout the song, Casablancas half-raps in an auto-tuned voice about eastern philosophy atop a techno synth-riff throughout the song.

Listen to “Eternal Tao” below.