Listen: Julian Casablancas’ Voidz release new track ‘Alien Crime Lord’

It features on Casablancas' 'GTA Online' radio station

Julian Casablancas’ the Voidz have shared a new track called “Alien Crime Lord.”

“We wanted to make a song that sounded like Jean Claude Van Damme standing up on a speeding motorcycle while firing perfect bullets through the windshield of an oncoming nemesis,” the Voidz explain, “then finishing the job with a controlled flip over the top of a vehicle that ends in a maelstrom of denim and flames.”

The new tune features on K.U.L.T. 99.1 Vespucci Beach, “Low Power Beach Radio,” Casablancas’ radio station in the new version of Grand Theft Auto Online. Casablancas’ GTA Online station also features appearances from artists like Mac DeMarco and David Cross.

Listen to “Alien Crime Lord” below.