Listen: Julien Baker collaborates with boygenius bandmates Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus for new track ‘Favor’

Baker's forthcoming album 'Little Oblivions' arrives on February 26

While gearing up for the release of Little Oblivions on February 26, Julien Baker has reunited with her boygenius bandmates Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers on her new track “Favor.”

“Julien is one of those people whose opinion you want to hear about everything. A true critical thinker with an ever-changing and ridiculously articulate worldview,” Bridgers explains. “Her music changes in the same way, and this record is my favorite thing she’s ever done. I’m sure I’ll think the same about the next one.”

The melancholic new tune sees Baker taking the lead on vocals, with Bridgers and Dacus delivering sweet harmonies, as they sing lines like, “And what right had you/ Not to let me die/ Oh but did I even know/ What I was asking for?”

Listen to “Favor” below.