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Listen: K.Flay collaborates with Tom Morello on ‘unhinged’ new track ‘TGIF’

K.Flay has collaborated with Tom Morello on hew new track, “TGIF.”

The song, which comes from her forthcoming EP, Inside Voices, is an anthemic, blistering nu-matic tune that sees K.Flay delivering perfectly unhinged lines like, “The world is run by lunatics/ So who gives a fuck?”

“The song came together in this amazing way, from me writing alone in my studio, to working with Tommy English and JT Daly (my longtime collaborators) on production, to asking Tom Morello to record the guitars and rip a solo,” K.Flay explains. “The word I kept using during the process was DEMENTED. I wanted the track to feel demented, unhinged, insane.”

Listen to “TGIF” below.

“K.Flay is smart, powerful, honest and unafraid in her music and in her life,” Morello explains. “As co-survivors of the Northern Illinois suburbs we have a kinship and a friendship that makes for great synergy when we rock together, as is on full display with the beautifully caustic ‘TGIF.'”

Inside Voices is out on June 11th via BMG.

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