Listen: Lido Pimienta shares new track ‘Te Quería’

'Miss Colombia' is set for release on April 17

While gearing up for the release of Miss Colombia, which is set for release on April 17th, Colombian-Canadian artist Lido Pimienta has shared a new track called “Te Quería.”

“‘Te Quería’ is a song about moving on from those who won’t appreciate your light but still can see it enough in you to want to steal it,” Pimienta explains of the track. “‘Te Quería’ is what happens when the word hate won’t cut it, the word hate is too filthy to pronounce and I decided to make a riddle with the strength left in me, and here is a poem and a pouch full of pearls for your enjoyment.”

The new track follows previous releases “Eso Que Tu Haces,” “No Pude,” and “Nada (feat. Li Saumet).”

Listen to “Te Quería” below.