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Listen: LOONY collaborates with Mick Jenkins on new single ‘royal flush’

Toronto artist LOONY has collaborated with Mick Jenkins on her new single, “royal flush,” from her forthcoming project, soft thing.

“You know that period of time when you’re feeling someone, and you’re pretty sure they’re feeling you too? It’s like, I feel like we both have a winning hand here and if we play it, the world could be ours, but we’re both not ready yet,” LOONY explains. “There’s also an element of okay great, if you’re not ready to do it yet with your chest, with your whole heart, it’s best that we don’t start this brand new thing yet. Don’t play face down with me. When you’re serious, you’ll show me, and it’ll be great.”

The new track allows LOONY’s vulnerable, heart-on-your-sleeve lyricism to shine, as she delivers poignant lyrics atop an R&B instrumental.

Listen to “royal flush” below.

soft thing, which drops on June 24th, 2021, is set to explore the chronological phases of love. Each track will look at a different stage of love, and “royal flush” is set to serve as the stage before her previously released track, “be cool.”

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