Listen: Los Angeles indie rockers The Wrecks release new single ‘Freaking Out’

The track revolves around the band's quirky lyrical honesty

Los Angeles indie rockers The Wrecks have just released a new single, “Freaking Out.”

The track primarily revolves around the band’s quirky lyrical honesty, as frontman Nick Anderson sings lines like, “I’m feeling fine/ I found a flower in my shoe and it is mine/ Things are fine now/ Yeah, it’s alright.” With a unique sense of melody, killer guitar lines, and a driven drumbeat, you’ll be sure to have this track playing on repeat.

“I wanted to write a song about my first experience with psychedelics because it was life changing,” Anderson explains of the track. “But I didn’t want to succumb to all the clichés that come with ‘psychedelic’ production. I wanted something straightforward and fun and, most of all, honest.”

Listen to “Freaking Out” below.