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Listen: Maude Audet shares English versions of ‘You’re Shaken,’ ‘Laura Said’

Maude Audet is readying for the release of Translations on April 9th, which will come packed with English versions of some of Audet’s biggest songs. Today, Audet has shared English versions of “You’re Shaken” and “Laura Said.”

These new versions see Audet adding different words and accents to the original instrumentals, completely reworking the original tunes, thus the titles change from “Tu trembleras encore” to “You’re Shaken” and “Laura” changes to “Laura Said.”

“You’re Shaken” is a gritty tune with almost a country twang to the instrumentals, as Audet croons lines like, “So may the days be sweet and the moon shine/ May your heart beat and make you feel alive.” “Laura Said,” on the other hand, is a more folky tune, revolving around sweet guitar lines, as Audet sings lines like, “Laura said take me with you.”

Listen to “You’re Shaken” and “Laura Said” below.

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