Listen: MISZCZYK releases perfectly eerie new track ‘Bad Ride (feat. Chandra Oppenheim)’

The track marks Oppenheim's first new material in over 40 years

Toronto producer and multi-instrumentalist Nyles Miszczyk has released his debut single “Bad Ride” as MISZCZYK, which features Chandra Oppenheim. The track marks cult post-punk artist Oppenheim’s first new material in more than 30 years.

“When Nyles invited me to write the lyrics for one of his songs, I headed straight for my newly organized lyrics archive and pulled out the 1980s folders,” Oppenheim explains in a statement. “Then I started playing Nyles’ tracks and very quickly, so as to access a more subconscious intuitive place, I pulled out loose lyrics sheets and flipped through pages of old notebooks, trying out lines from many different songs over Nyles’ music. Within about three minutes I hit on this line, ‘I’m stiff at the moment,’ one line from an unfinished song I wrote when I was around 14.”

“Bad Ride” is a perfectly eerie track, revolving around unnervingly cyclical, layered melodies, a booming bass line, and Oppenheim’s powerfully silky vocals. The mesmerizing track feels almost atmospheric in its full bodied instrumentals, as MISZCZYK draws on inspiration from trip-hop and synth-pop, allowing the groove-heavy melodies to shine through.

Listen to “Bad Ride” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Kate Young.