Listen: Modest Mouse Release “The Best Room”

New song + album release update + tracklist

Following the recent releases of “Lampshades on Fire” and “Coyotes”, Modest Mouse just shared a third track from their upcoming album Strangers To Ourselves called “The Best Room”.

With hints of dance elements and the usual Modest Mouse indie rock sound we’re used to, the song plays with the cynicism of living in a broken civilization. For maximum enjoyment, read through the lyrics (below) while you listen:

Good news for people who love bad news: we’ll have to wait a little longer than expected for the new album. The release date is being pushed back two weeks to March 17th. Also, drummer Jeremiah Green recanted that Big Boi and Krist Novoselic would be featured on the album, though Broken Bells/The Shins singer James Mercer will still be providing backing vocals on several tracks.

01 “Strangers To Ourselves”
02 “Lampshades On Fire”
03 “Shit In Your Cut”
04 “Pistol (A. Cunanan, Miami, FL. 1996)”
05 “Ansel”
06 “The Ground Walks, With Time In A Box”
07 “Coyotes”
08 “Pups To Dust”
09 “Sugar Boat”
10 “Wicked Campaign”
11 “Be Brave”
12 “God Is An Indian And You’re An Asshole”
13 “The Tortoise And The Tourist”
14 “The Best Room”
15 “Of Course We Know”


Let loose with your charms, go reckless unharmed, we all signed the card; “Get well, but don’t you try too hard”. The lessons unlearned, Oh this meeting it’s adjourned! These western concerns, “Hold my place in line while I take your turn”.

To the empty balconies we serenade. All the playgrounds where them kids don’t get to play. Dirty parkies went and chased them all away, to the game consoles to fatten.

The best room they have is the last room you’d want. The bathroom’s outside, police tape is tied to the door knobs from rooms nine through thirty-two. Aw! These western concerns. We beg while we chew. These western concerns are all I ever really learned to be concerned with, but don’t you know it’s hard feeling tired every time that you try. Ain’t it hard feeling tired all the time?

The family living upstairs must have a fleet of rider lawn mowers, the novelist to my right’s convinced that every woman’s a whore. But he bothers me time and again to “set him up” with my very best friends, and I say “WHAT?!!” Says he doesn’t restate, but he will not shut up.

Don’t ya don’t ya know it’s hard feeling tired every time that you try? Ain’t it hard feeling tired all the time. Don’t ya don’t ya know. I am gonna bury my head in the woods right now. Scan for some mycelia and bring a little back to town. But don’t ya don’t ya know it’s hard feeling tired every time that you try.

Go reckless unharmed. Yep the shut-ins they’re well armed. We all led the charge, till we ran aground in our party barge, and every little gift was just one more part of their grift. Oh yeah we know it. The best news that we all got was just some dumb hokum we’d all bought. Let’s go reckless feeling great, we’re the sexiest of all primates. Let’s let loose with our charms, shake our ass and wave our arms, all going apeshit!