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Listen: Montreal indie-rockers Fleece release new single ‘Bodies Lie,’ announce new album

Queer Montreal indie-rockers Fleece have announced their forthcoming third album, Stunning and Atrocious, which is out on August 20th. As part of the announcement, they’ve shared a new single called “Bodies lie.”

“Bodies Lie” marks a new sound for Fleece, as it is the first time guitarist Megan Ennenberg has taken on lead vocals. With a sparse, yet lush guitar line, Ennenberg’s silky vocals grab you from the get-go. As the track continues and drums kick in, you’re sure to be stunned by the intimate harmonies. Lyrically, the track is an ode to potential energy, as Ennenberg sings of being more powerful than people perceive you to be.

“This song is about the feeling of having potential and being up against all the worldly things that try so damn hard to bring you down,” Ennenberg explains. “For me, as a woman, that unfortunately means a world of patriarchal stuff that I’ve been at war with for what feels like my whole life. Sometimes my impulse is to just scream and yell ‘You were wrong! Look how powerful I am!,’ as if I’m in battle and following the same violent impulse that’s been used against me too many times. But, the thing is, my power isn’t a violent one, and this song is about understanding that, loving that, and feeling powerful always.”

Listen to “Bodies Lie” below.

The forthcoming album is set to see Fleece really cementing in their sound.

“I think we’re finally Fleece,” bandmember Matt Rogers explains. “In the past, the process was more about bringing my own compositions to the band, but this album is a complete coming together of all of our brains. We played whatever we came up with, stream of consciousness style, and then restructured the songs until they felt right. It was a bit daunting to give up control at first, but the product and process of collaborating made Fleece more exciting for all of us. I definitely grew from it too.”

Check out the tracklist for Stunning and Atrocious below.

Stunning and Atrocious Tracklist:

01 – “All My Money”
02 – “Like It A Lot”
03 – “Upside Down”
04 – “Do U Mind? (Leave The Light On)”
05 – “My Type (I Don’t Mind)”
06 – “Something Real”
07 – “Inner Tube”
08 – “So Long”
09 – “Love Song For The Haters”
10 – “Bodies Lie”
11 – “Moving On”
12 – “Just A Sec”
13 – “Why Can’t We Be Alone”
14 – “Losing Time”

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