Listen: Neon Dreams share acoustic version of ‘Life Without Fantasies’

A ukulele version of their 2019 track

Canadian duo Neon Dreams have shared an acoustic version of their 2019 track, “Life Without Fantasy.”

The new version of the track is a ukulele edition, and it comes in response to the song getting lots of love upon its re-release in South Africa.

“When you don’t fit in, it’s like you’re forced to see the world differently,” Neon Dreams’ Frank Kadillac explains of the track to “These are the fantasies of a very uncool, unpopular kid. These fantasies were sparked from years of being picked on and desperately wanting to fit in. I realized fantasies about money, girls and luxury are fun to think about but in reality, those things don’t make you happy. All I want is some happiness and a little bit of pain to know what’s real.”

Listen to “Life Without Fantasies (Ukulele)” below.