Listen: of Montreal releases new single ‘You’ve Had Me Everywhere’

'UR FUN' is out on January 17

Ahead of their upcoming album UR FUN dropping on January 17, of Montreal has released a new single called “You’ve Had Me Everywhere.”

The track is an upbeat love song teeming with sweet lyrics that are inspired by songwriter Kevin Barnes’ relationship with Christina Schnieder of Locate S,1, according to a press release. Lyrics like “Listening to your heartbeat/realizing it’s my heartbeat too/because if something were to happen to you/I would lose my mind and I’d never get it back,” are elevated by a fun and catchy melody.

This is the third single off the band’s upcoming album, following the release of “Peace To All Freaks” and “Polyaneurism

Check out the new track below.

Catch of Montreal’s new album UR FUN on January 17.