Listen: Plants and Animals share ‘The Moon Lay Down’ from b-sides EP

Passed Out from the Waltzing (B-Sides)

Montreal’s Plants and Animals are busy bodies, enough so to release a five-song EP of B-sides while still on tour with Half Moon Run.

Passed Out from the Waltzing is the name of the new collection of songs, a play on words from their Waltzed in from the Rumbling record that came out earlier this year. All five tracks are worthwhile tracks, but our personal favourite is “The Moon Lay Down,” a loopy track that recalls the Pablo Honey-esque Radiohead days.

Here’s what Matthew Wooley of the band told Exclaim! about “The Moon Lay Down”:

“‘The Moon Lay Down’ changed shape a dozen times over three years until we lost track of it,” Wooley said. “Now all of these nuances pop out that weren’t there before. They sprouted on the song while it sat in the storage closet. Good one for headphones.”

Listen to Passed Out from the Waltzing (B-Sides) below: