Listen: Pond frontman Nicholas Allbrook covers Halo Maud’s ‘Tu sais comme je suis’

Allbrook turns Maud's track into a dreamy psychedelic track

Pond frontman Nicholas Allbrook has released a cover of French singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Halo Maud’s “Tu sais comme je suis.”

Allbrook takes Maud’s track and moves it toward the psychedelic, packed with groove-heavy instrumentals and ambient synth lines. The track revolves around a perfectly disorienting instrumental line, weaving in and out alongside Allbrook’s dreamy falsettos.

“It’s really hard to know what to do when covering a very beautiful song,” Allbrook explains. “I couldn’t hope to improve on the playing, production, composition or singing, so what was I meant to do? Why am I here? Turns out I’m a very lucky boy with extremely talented, kind and good looking friends who could lend me their skills and toys and save me from sounding like a total pelican, hacking away making a shittier version of Maud’s brilliant work. So thanks to them, and Bravo Maud, yr a genius, thank you for the opportunity.”

Listen to Allbrook’s cover of “Tu sais comme je suis” below.