Listen: Purity Ring unveil new tracks ‘peacefall,’ ‘pink Lightning’

'WOMB' drops on April 3

Purity Ring have unveiled two new tracks called “peaceful” and “pink lightning.”

“Peaceful” is a frantic, keys and synth-driven instrumental that slowly builds, as Purity Ring deliver silky lines like, “O what am I missing you said the kindest thing/ O what am I missing anyone has ever said to me.” “Pink lightning,” on the other hand, revolves around a pitch-shifted vocal line, making for an eerie tune with lines like, “Warm water rises/ It still feels like I can’t stop crying/ Hold me inside it.”

The tracks come from their forthcoming album WOMB, which drops on April 3rd.

Listen to “peaceful” and “pink lightning” below.

WOMB Tracklist:

01 – “rubyinsides”
02 – “pink lightning”
03 – “peaceful”
04 – “I like the devil”
05 – “femur”
06 – “sinew”
07 – “vehemence”
08 – “silkspun”
09 – “almanac”
10 – “stardew”