Listen: Renée Reed shares new indie-folk track ‘Où est la fée’

Her self-titled debut album is set for release on March 26

While gearing up for the release of her self-titled debut album on March 26th, 2021, Renée Reed has shared a new single called “Où est la fée.”

The haunting new indie-folk track marks one of two French songs on her forthcoming record, which will be released on Keeled Scales.

“‘Où est la fée’ is a dream sequence, a narrative in which I am walking in the woods and find a letter on the ground: ‘Where is the fairy? It’s in your head,'” Reed explains. “The letter has possibly been written by an ancestor/guardian angel figure or perhaps another version of myself, sent to point out what I’ve not been recognizing in myself, that I’ve been dealing with life, or rather not dealing with life, by escaping into fantasies. As dream logic does, the narrative focus of the letter and the song bends and blends seamlessly from the personal outward to other people in my life.”

Listen to “Où est la fée” below.

“This album is a collection of songs about toxic relationships, seeing ghosts, ancestral baggage and blessings, and daydreaming about love,” Reed continues. “It is about certain feelings and experiences I’ve had over my life coming to fruition in the past three years. It was all made on a four track recorder at home, in a place and in a way I feel most natural, and I believe that quality comes through in the sound.”

Check out the tracklist for Renée Reed below.
Renée Reed Tracklist:

01 – “Out Loud”
02 – “I Saw a Ghost”
03 – “Little Flower Dance”
04 – “Fast One”
05 – “Neboj”
06 – “Où est la fée”
07 – “Until Tomorrow”
08 – “Your Seventh Moon”
09 – “The Ash”
10 – “Fool to the Fire”
11 – “If Only We Could”
12 – “Drunken Widow’s Waltz”

Lead photo courtesy of LeaAnn B Stephan.