Listen: Ryan Adam’s ‘1989’ Taylor Swift cover album

"Let me record 1989 like it was Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska."

The prolific alt-country singer/songwriter Ryan Adams has just released his entire cover album of Taylor Swift’s 1989 online.

It’s been a short wait frankly, but the hype has been huge since August when Adams announced he was starting to work on this album. What started as a pet project after Adams and his wife Mandy Moore went through a divorce last Christmas, according to Rolling Stone, Adams became intrigued with Swift’s album 1989 which had just come out at the time.

“I hear more” he said, Not that there was anything missing. I would just think about the sentiments in the songs and the configurations.”

Though he wasn’t trying to change the album, rather reimagine it. “But I knew that if I sang them from my perspective and in my voice, they would transform. I thought, ‘Let me record 1989 like it was Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska.'”

Take a listen to the entirety of 1989 via Spotify, or through the YouTube videos below:

Check out my personal favorite for a good case of the goosebumps: