Listen: Ryan Adams Working on ‘1989’ Taylor Swift Cover Album

Ryan Adams "Sandblasts" 1989

Early yesterday morning Ryan Adams announced via Twitter and Instagram that he would be recording a very unlikely cover album, — the entirety of Taylor Swift’s 1989. If you ever wanted to hear the “guaranteed saddest version of ‘Welcome to New York’ ever”, Adams claims this album will be for you, “or your tears back”.

Last night he was quick to start the recording process, sharing a couple tasters of the tracks along the way. By “sandblasting” the tunes as Adams calls it, he’s turned his versions of “Out Of The Woods” and “All You Had To Do Was Stay” into songs that could have been re-recorded by The Smiths.

Taylor Swift has also been nothing but excited for the cover project, apparently so much so she “could pass out”, she Tweeted. Adams has had nothing but kind words for the pop-star, telling her shes got some “Badass Tunes”, “We’re sandblasting them, and they’re holding steady.” Check out the samples below.